Don’t Open That Door!

We humans have not been the greatest at figuring out what’s harmful or unhealthy. Remember the Romans drinking from lead-laced vessels?  The open sewers of London streets? Or the once ubiquitous X-ray devices in every “modern” shoe store half a century ago?

Years ago, TV commercials featured doctors — or actors playing doctors — extolling the health benefits of cigarettes, while exhaling clouds of that second-hand smoke that we now know is a hazard even to the unborn. It took decades of dedicated public health officials and squadrons of lawyers working to pry loose the full extent of the tobacco industry cover-ups. Then came Asbestos. Agent Orange. DES. Inhaling dust from the Twin Towers. All required similar efforts, The list of potential health threats keeps growing.

So,  when an entire industry says you may NOT QUESTION the health impacts of something, that should flash a Danger! Danger! Red Alert! It’s like Bluebeard saying you can open any door but THAT one — the door that hides all the bodies of his victims.

Such is the case with the FCC and its lobbyist behind the push for Smart Meters (and ultimately 5-G  and 6-G ) in mostly rural Clallam County, Washington where I live, and other places around the world. No one wants to admit these meters represent the next step in exposing the globe’s entire population to electromagnetic fields. No mentioning   health issues in the face of claims about Saving Time and Money. Increasing Convenience. Connectivity. Faster Wi-Fi. Better Cell Phone Service.

No one can question progress. Money’s value trumps everything else. Don’t open that door.

Instead, we human test subjects can only object to the proposed blizzards of mini-antennas required to bounce electromagnetic fields along their intended paths — on aesthetic grounds. That’s it. And while “unsightly” might offend some, it won’t interfere with your own body’s delicate electromagnetic system. No questioning if we’re doing harm to ourselves or other living systems. No invoking the precautionary principle. No citing the examples of other countries with more rigorous health standards. No possibility of keeping our local decisions from being drown by vast quantities money, from the mega-push of industrial drives for profit.

When the powers-that-be declare we the people can’t open a door and demand answers about our personal health and safety, it’s time to push for change and pry that door open.

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A freelance writer who lives near Olympic National Park in a house overlooking the Salish Sea, I'm nourished by Mother Nature and enjoy exploring the places where science, spirit, and story come together. Part science geek, part spiritual feminist, part Earth-loving tree-hugger, I continue learning the many ways that how we think and what we believe helps shape our world. Quantum physics shows us that our personal energy is too often overlooked as force for positive change; indigenous wisdom leads us to connect with all beings in a good way. I've told the research stories of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the University of Colorado, Boulder, and contributed regular columns for newspapers in Boulder, Colo., Sequim and Port Angeles Washington.

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